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Exile family consist of Exile (of course), Jonte (Jap+Korean), Deep, J-Soul Brothers, Love, Dream, Happiness, Flower, Gekidan EXILE, The Rootless, DOBERMAN INC, Generation, and Breathe.

Up coming group are Bunny.

Anways E-Girls is compose of three group called Dream, Happiness, and Flower... (LDH consist of Love, Dream, and Happiness). However, I'll like to dedicate this blog to Exile (female) family. Which also consist of Love, Bunny, and EGD (Exile Girl Dancer... so occasionally I'll post up stuff about them ^^ and I'll be reblogging what I find! I know that people will hate the fact a lot of them don't sing, but I'll just llike to mention that Dancing is a talent too, not everyone needs to know how to sing!

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EDG Ana and Bunny Ana for Miss Seventeen 2012


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